Latest News

From the 1st January 2019 the running of Barral Institute New Zealand transferred from Xanthe Ashton to Rosie Greene. There is now a new website providing information on Barral courses and registrations

Xanthe has been running the Upledger Institute New Zealand since 2009 and Barral Institute New Zealand since 2010 and it is now time for a change. This will allow both institutes to grow and develop their curriculums. Xanthe and Rosie will continue to work together when scheduling dates for courses so they do not clash as it is appreciated that many of you attend courses in both curriculums. Xanthe will assist Rosie over the coming months for a smooth handover, both Institutes will continue to be intricately connected and Xanthe will continue to assist with facilitating some of the Barral courses in 2019 and looks forward to seeing everybody.